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Record keeping and reconciliations demand diligence and attention to detail. Along with the opportunity to leverage one of the strongest balance sheets in the industry, we offer a regular and responsive service to queries. Our safekeeping strategy takes protection such as  value documents,precious metals(gold),diamonds, and any other valuable product.

GLLSC gives protection to a new level by segregating assets at a depositary level where permitted and by using our own sub-custody network wherever possible.

Warehouse Management System
Picking by scanning, bar codes and radio frequency, on-line consultation and web-mail. Optimization of routes and localization in the warehouse and racks, accurate and real-time stock management and inventories, integrated stock turn. Management by reference number, batch number, lot number, expiration date on every key requested by the customer.
 Disclaimer: This has come to our notice that, certain fraudulent people are using our company, Global Link and Shipping Co. Ltd to Perpertuate fraud. Please be aware that, Global Link Shipping with telephone no: +233 (0) 262635158 and U.K no: +4478749822203 is a fraud and they are not in any way related to us, neither do we know them.

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