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This is an exciting time one that is rich with opportunity to expand our vision to help shipping become the industry leader in diversity. Our focus in 2014 will be to globally access our workforce and address issues that extend beyond a U.S. point of view.
Our success will depend on our ability to identify areas of greatest need, serve as trusted advisors across the corporation, and deliver high-impact programs that help create an inclusive work environment.

Global Link Logistics & Shipping Co. Ltd intend to demonstrate the value of diversity and inclusion in more creative ways that enroll, engage, and inform our employees with a focus on building individual and organizational capability.

Global Link Logistics & Shipping Co. Ltd stand poised to engage each other in conversation, community events, and knowledge sharing, which will result in strengthening the bonds and narrowing the divide between different cultures and ways of life for employees at Intel.

Global Link Logistics & Shipping Co. Ltd seek to attract the best talent, and once at Intel, we work hard to ensure that every employee has opportunities to thrive and make it to the top without cultural, gender, or racial barriers to impede their progress. I am excited about the opportunities for us to continue to help Intel achieve our vision of becoming the industry leader in diversity.




(Managing Director)


 Disclaimer: This has come to our notice that, certain fraudulent people are using our company, Global Link and Shipping Co. Ltd to Perpertuate fraud. Please be aware that, Global Link Shipping with telephone no: +233 (0) 262635158 and U.K no: +4478749822203 is a fraud and they are not in any way related to us, neither do we know them.

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